Pakistan becomes the 4th largest freelance market in the world

With the expanding pool of employment, the world is now turning into a global village. In Asia, the workers are becoming more educated and are becoming technically proficient because of which the global job market is flowing into Asia. The report says that the number of freelancers in Pakistan has grown exponentially since the second quarter of 2018.

Before moving on to further details, there might be people who are not aware of the freelance profession. So, what basically freelancing is? Freelancing is an area of profession where people are self-employed without any commitment to a specific long-term employment contract. There are different types of freelancing options available to people and they can choose the type of work and the hourly rate.

According to the report, Pakistan has been ranked as the 4th largest market for freelancers with a 47% rise in the freelance earnings. The report is based on the sample of 300,000 freelancers taken from the Payoneer’s network. It observed that majority of the freelancers are working in the developing economies in order to get a firm standing in a career.

The general manager of Payoneer, Eyal Moldovan said:

“In Pakistan, the younger generation is seeking more opportunities.”

Furthermore, Mohsin Muzaffer, the Business Development Manager, said:

“Government investment in enhancing digital skills has helped create a skilled freelancer workforce, while blanket 4G coverage across Pakistan has given freelancers unprecedented access to international jobs”

The research conducted by Payoneer also reported that on a gloabl level, the age group between 25-34 years is making the best amount of money in freelancing.

Source: Global Gig Economy Index

Here is the list of top fastest-growing markets:

  1. USA – 78% growth
  2. UK – 59% growth
  3. Brazil – 48% growth
  4. Pakistan – 47% growth
  5. Ukraine – 36% growth
  6. Phillipines – 35% growth
  7. India – 29% growth
  8. Bangladesh – 27% growth
  9. Russia – 20% growth
  10. Serbia – 19% growth

In the freelancing world, Pakistan has left behind countries like Russia, India and Bangladesh and has become the 4th largest country in the freelance market. It is delightful to see Pakistan among the top countries.

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