Best freelancing platforms for Pakistani freelancers

As technology ages, remote working is now more popular than having an in house job. It not only provides more jobs but also ease the life of both employer and employee. A lot of employers offer home-based jobs to people so that they can work from home at the time that they find feasible. Other than that, you can also work online with different platforms. There are some best freelance websites that we will talk about in this article later.

Freelance platforms have gained much popularity in the last few years. Individuals can quickly sign up on these freelance websites and earn money depending on their skills and ability to adjust their work with different time zones. These freelancing websites have employers from different places of the world, that’s why time zones matter a lot.

For your ease, we’ve have compiled a list of best top freelancing platforms where you can work and earn bucks. Here’s the list:


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If you are a freelancer, you must’ve heard of Fiverr. If not, and you’re new to freelancing, then you should know that Fiverr tops the list of the best freelancing platforms. It is one of the most reliable platforms for individuals who either want to get their work done by others or want to work for others remotely. As the name suggests, every job on Fiverr starts from $5. This platform accommodates a lot of professionals including writers, digital marketers, graphic designers, video editors, web developers, academic writers, and many more.

Fiverr does not require individuals to possess high technical skills. It allows even individuals with minimal skills to showcase their work and make gigs. It offers opportunities to everyone so that they can get a reward for their work. Obviously, the platform doesn’t let non-serious people play with others, as the quality measures of the platform are there.

It provides a secure payment method and charges a minimum service fee from what you earned from the platform.

Tip: To get work and projects, your Fiverr profile must be complete, original, and should look professional. Describe your skills and abilities in detail to seek the attention of different employers out there.


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The second on the list is Upwork. The mission of Upwork is to create economic opportunities for people to make their lives better. This platform is a global freelance platform where all the individual freelance workers can market their services to different people at highly competitive rates. Upwork effectively links sellers to buyers and help them lock the best possible deal by making sure that you work with authentic people. The sign-up service is for free, which allows you to explore the platform before making any commitment.

Upwork has easy and secure payment gateways and in-app communication channels that allow the workers to coordinate with each other. Another distinctive feature of this platform is the ‘work diary’ option that will enable you to bill your clients accurately. It gives your clients an accurate picture of what they owe you.

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Individuals who want a wide variety of work options then Freelancer is the best platform for them. Freelancer allows you to select 20 different skills for your profile. This essentially exposes you to a wide range of offers for work. This platform also allows the freelancers to market their services quickly by bidding on different projects they want to work on.

There are different membership plans available on the website. If you sign up for a 30-day free trial, it will allow you to place 100 bids in a month. There are different projects available such as data entry, writing, human resources, web developers, finance, accounting, and many more.

An image with logo is another globally recognized freelance platform that offers individuals to find different ways to connect with the buyers. It allows you to choose a wide variety of job categories and helps you find job specific to your region as well. This platform has over 3,000,000 members worldwide and 1000,000 jobs completed. It offers professional services to the people as well so that they can get their job done at an economical price.

Guru allows the users to get paid through various options. These options include:

Pay by milestones

You can create as many milestones to ensure that your client is satisfied with you. Set a payment amount and get rewarded on the completion of the milestone.

Pay by Task

You can also get paid by completing a single task. It does not matter whether the job is big or small.

Pay by the hour

You can also get paid on an hourly basis for your work. Set the rate for your service on per hour basis.

Pay by using recurring payments

You can set recurring payment methods that allow you to get paid on either a weekly, monthly, or daily basis.


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FlexJobs is another website that connects different freelancers to employers so that they can work remotely and earn as much money as they want to. The payment methods are secure, and the users do not have to worry about any scam postings because the website admin takes care of it.

Freelancers can post jobs or market their services to potential employers. However, the platform is not free. It comes with different plans and packages that the user has to subscribe to access to freelance jobs. The access to their full services start from $14.95 per month and comes with a satisfaction guarantee. You can visit their website for more details.

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