She’Kab; A carpool service for women launching in Karachi

Originally Posted: Oct 1, 2018, at 12:00 pm on TechEngage International.

With an increased number of horrific incidents with Careem and Uber captains, people especially girls hesitate to opt for a car ride. While you can’t always rely on a rickshaw to take you everywhere, it seems like it is the only safest option left. Rickshaw, because in case something suspicious happens, you always have the option to jump out of it as compared to cars that are more secure in terms of an emergency exit.

Understanding the reservations, Hira Batool Rizvi, our knight in the shining armor, came up with the idea of starting a shared cab service for women. The best thing about it is that the idea comes from a person who understands all the nuisances of what it is like to travel alone especially at night.

She’kab is a shared cab service that lets girls in the same vicinity share a cab. While the idea may seem somewhat similar to Careem, Grab, and Uber, it is actually not. It works by giving you a test ride. A test ride gives you a chance to see whether you are comfortable in your commute with the driver or not. If you agree, the captain will pick and drop you as per your scheduled time without requiring you to order the ride every time you need it. The car service operates on a monthly basis.

Further, the car also picks girls within your vicinity that share a similar route to make it even safer. The carpooling feature is specially introduced to make the girls feel more secure. As humans, it is in our nature to feel secure in groups.

Rizvi introduced She’kab in the twin cities; Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The cab service is finally launching in Karachi sometime in the next month. Presently, the street crimes in Karachi have risen to an extent where people no longer feel safe roaming about on streets alone. She’Kab is launching at just the right time.

She’Kab offers a safe cab service for working women as well as the students to make them stop relying on their brothers and fathers to take them to places. As a woman, Rizvi understands how you have to compromise on your plans sometimes; She’Kab to the rescue.

Talking to Tribune, Rizvi explained how one can’t solely rely on public transport as well:

When I was a student, safe and reliable transportation was my biggest issue. The public transport infrastructure was neither safe nor economical for a student. It also had no provision for female seating, where a 14 seater vehicle would have only two seats reserved for women. At times, when women had to be adjusted in the back with men, they would face harassment.

Rizvi stated.

Given the problems, women are faced with pertaining to street harassment and whatnot, She’Kab has the potential to let them travel without any fear of such nature. We sincerely hope that the brilliant cab service comes to other cities of Pakistan as well.

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