PTA bans TikTok in Pakistan

TikTok is banned in Pakistan on behalf of the number of complaints received by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.  

On 9th October 2020,  PTA posted a photo of the notification on its official Twitter account. According to them, the Authority has received many complaints regarding the indecent and immoral content shared on TikTok. The Authority had also issued a final notice to the application and asked them to ratify its content according to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s instructions. Despite the final notice, the video-sharing application TikTok could not make its content in line with PTA’s instructions. Thus, PTA has finally decided to ban the application in Pakistan.  

The press release also suggests that the PTA is still open for negotiations, and if TikTok made considerable changes in its content, the app could be resumed in the country. The press release states that,

“TikTok has been informed that the Authority is still open for engagement and will review its decision subject to a satisfactory mechanism by TikTok to moderate unlawful content.” 

However, in the press release, PTA has not referred to any article of the Pakistan Constitution that TikTok has violated. 

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