Google launches Android 10 for Pixel phones

Google launches the next big version of Android, Android 10, for the Pixel phones. Android 10 is a major update for all the Android users out there.

The new version of Android holds loads of new exciting features such as gesture navigation, dark theme, new and improved privacy features and other notable changes described further. This new version of Android aims at making the everyday lives of the users simpler and easier with greater protection and control over your data.

Android 10 Features

Following are the features of Android 10:

1. Dark theme

Android 10 introduces a system-wide dark theme that applies to the entire phone. It will put less stress on your eyes while saving your phone’s battery too.

2. Gesture Navigation

Users can benefit from the new gesture navigation feature that allows them to swipe through the phone in a fluid-ly manner.

3. Privacy controls

Users will receive reminders about the app accessing your location, which, you are not currently using. You can only choose to share your location with the applications you are using.

Critical controls like Web and App activity are added under the Privacy section in Settings.

4. Smart Reply

There is another added feature of Smart Reply that helps you with suggested actions when somebody sends you a message.

5. Other features

There are a lot of other features in Android 10, such as live caption and focus mode that helps you put distracting apps on silent. Moreover, there is a new range of emojis that have gender-inclusive designs for its users.

The new version of Android will roll out initially to Pixel phones and later to additional Android phones over the coming year. Android 10 will also support emerging devices like 5G enabled phones and foldable as it has advance machine learning innovation.

So gear yourselves up to use the latest Android 10 version with up to date features!

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