Dell Introduced the New G Series in Pakistan

Originally Posted: Oct 21, 2018, 7:15 pm on TechEngage International

Dell recently introduced the New G Series partnered with Pakistan Rugby Union. The notebooks contained the ultimate gaming experience that was targeted for gadget geeks. The Notebooks will be delivered to all levels of gamers and is quite affordable to all gadget lovers. The systems, Dell G3 15 and G7 15, feature straightforward gaming design and incredible performance at reasonable prices.

What does it feature?

These new game laptops are equipped with powerful features such as GeForce GTX, 8th Gen Intel Core processors, thermal management solutions, intelligent content software, anti-glare panels, and other complimentary features intended to get gamers fully interested into the games.

We are committed to bringing best-in-class technology so that our valued customers have a richer and more immersive gaming experience at every price level’.

Naveed Siraj, Country General Manager for Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Since Dell notebook was partnered with Pakistan Rugby Union, Salman Sheikh, Head of Media stated:

We are proud to be associated with Dell Pakistan for the launch of the Dell’s new G-Series gaming laptops. Having positioned rugby with discipline, character building, progress & power hallmarks of sportsmanship, Dell recognizes the diversity of the gaming ecosystem and the evolving needs of modern gamers and we are pleased to be affiliated with their gaming brand.

Salman Sheikh, Head of Media

Pakistan Rugby Union

Choosing rugby as a sport will not gain the attention of gadget lovers in Pakistan for Dell notebooks but will allow Pakistan Rugby Union to gain the attention of rugby fans and will thus introduce stars to the country.

Dell recently supported ‘Premium Support Plus,’ a consumer support service with Support Assist technology. It had features where issues were found proactively, predicts problems before they start, removes viruses automatically and customizes performance that suits the needs for consumers. The launch was announced at Pakistan Dell office in the presence of Pakistan Rugby Team.

Dell G Series
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The laptops are divided into two types of specifications to find which is suitable for your needs.

Dell G3 15 Specifications

  • The laptops 2×2 WiFi antenna design provides great wireless performance, while the SmartByte software prioritizes gaming and video content keeping them smooth, even during large file downloads
  • All encased in a refined performance inspired design and a silky matte exterior finish; the laptops boast a sleek 22.7 mm (15 inches) / 25 mm (17 inches) profile encouraging gaming-on-the-go
  • G3 15 is Dell’s thinnest gaming laptop to date
  • Dell G3 15 will offer two color options (Black, White)

Dell G7 15 Specifications

  • G7 15 will offer optional 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 CPU and UHD display (3840×2160) configurations.
  • Dell equipped a front air intake and rear exhaust vent to the laptops’ frames to keep players cool, and able to play the game longer.
  • Dell has noiseless features which help it to play the game in ease.
  • Immersing players more into the game, Dell G7 15 will also offer an optional IPS UHD 4k panel to summon a premium on-screen experience.
  • Dell G7 15 is available in either Standard Black or Alpine White.

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